Reflective Practice

My first practical experience in architecture began in 2014 at Richard Hopkinson Architects where I worked as an architectural assistant for almost two years. In 2016 I left and enrolled in the MArch course at Cardiff University. Alongside my course at Cardiff, I joined  Design Engine Architects in Winchester as an architectural assistant, where I recorded and reflected upon practical experiences as part of the MArch course.

In order to keep myself familiar with an ever evolving profession and to record the progression through my architectural career I have kept this record of each month in practice. This aims to be similar to PEDR records to document my progress to part 2 qualifications and further.

Please click on the following links to follow my progress and understanding of working in practice.

August 2017                __________________________
July 2017                       __________________________
June 2017                     __________________________
May 2017                      Meetings and Responsibility
April 2017                     Early Stage Project Bueaucracy
March 2017                 A comparison of two project scales on site
February 2017           Communication in Practice
January 2017              January Review
December 2016        The Lead Up To A Larger Planning Submission
November 2016        Management in a New Office
October 2016             Richard Hopkinson Architects