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Welcome to This platform showcases some of my personal work; my interests and accolades throughout my life and career. Since graduating from the MArch course at the Welsh School of Architecture in 2018 and more recently the Part III Professional Studies course in 2020, I am now working as a qualified and RIBA chartered architect in London. I continue to pursue my voyage through the labyrinth of the architectural world looking for bigger and better challenges and truly enjoy pushing myself to explore new design frontiers.
– Sean Bailey, 2023


Promotion to Associate Architect, Foster + Partners.

May 2023 – After 4 and a half years working and leading on many high profile and exciting architectural projects around the globe across 4 continents, Sean has secured a promotion to Associate at Foster + Partners. Sean is excited to take on the challenges that come with the new role.

Marriage of Sean Bailey and Rosemiranda Hibbert, Jaggards House, Wiltshere.

August 2022 – 9 years to the day that the couple met, Sean and Rosie tied the knot at Jaggards House, in Wiltshere in front of a wonderful group of family and friends who have helped to ensure that the day will go down as one of the greatest of their lives.

 Presenting awards at the WSA Degree show 2022 – Cardiff, UK.

June 2022 – Sean was incredibly honoured this month to represent Foster and Partners at the 2022 WSA degree Show in Cardiff and present two awards to students for ‘research-driven’ and ‘zooming-in’ project categories. Huge congratulations to the Cardiff students for a breathtaking show this year. This was an amazing opportunity to see some of the latest and greatest talent emerging in the architectural world as well as to catch up with old friends and tutors. Sean will be sure to return in the following years to come!

Malta - Valletta
 Celebratory trip to Malta – Valletta, Malta.

September 2021 – To mark the happy events in Seans life in the last few months and the slow decline of Covid in Europe, Sean has embarked on a well deserved trip to explore the country of Malta and its meltingpot of culture with his future wife. Architectural and cultural influence on the islands of Malta varies hugely from times of Roman, Greek and Arabic rule to the rule of the Knights of St. John and the British Empire.

Concept Image - 16
Concept Image for 2021 – Competition Piece

January 2021 – We have been all been isolated this past year in our own bubbles which has created barriers for all of us. Despite this we have all successfully kept the machine ticking into 2021.
In 2021, I wish to ‘break the bubble’.
Perhaps more significantly than breaking these barriers for the individual is our continuous attempt in the coming year to break humanities existing barriers.
In 2021, I wish that…
…the people reaching out for each other will continue to break barriers that have divided their fragmented communities and families.
…the kneeling person will continue to break barriers created by racial inequality.
…the crying child will still receive the help to break the barriers of child abuse and poverty.
…the person of faith will continue to look for the real truths over the fake truths that have plagued us in recent times.
…all of us as creators will still look through these barriers and continue our attempts at finding ways to get the best results so the machine can keep ticking.

ARB - Certificate of Registration
Registration as an Architect

August 2020 – Following the completion of all three parts of the architectural education system, Sean has finally registered with the ARB allowing him to use the title of Architect. The achievement has felt greater during this difficult year, regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the architectural profession – an impact that will that will likely have a profound and lasting effect on its future for years to come. In a year with a constant stream of seemingly bad news, some good news has been sincerely needed.

Part III Qualification from the Welsh School of Architecture

June 2020 – After almost 10 years in Architectural education, Sean has finally completed the third and final part of the architectural journey at the WSA – A journey that has taken him through undergraduate and master degrees and a diploma course, across multiple continents for study and brought about many long standing freindships. Many thanks go to the multitudes of people that have supported him though the last decade and for all the wonderful things that have been have learned along the way. He continues to work in London refining his skills and architectural understanding for the next challenges that his career bring.

Millau Viaduct
Discovering the South of France – Millau Viaduct, Millau, France

August 2019 – To celebrate 6 years together with his partner, Sean ventured across the South of France from Monaco to Andorra. Along the way, countless opportunities arose to explore some of the best preserved old Roman and Traditional French Towns as well as explore some of the more modern masterpeices (particularly those by his current employer) along this picturesque part of the world.

Tallinn Old Town
Journey to the Baltic Country of Estonia – Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia

June 2019 – After finishing the first year of the Professional Diploma course in Architecture at the WSA, Sean has set of on a trip to Estonia to discover the architectural influences and mix of historical cultures in the town of Tallinn –  once part of the great Danish, Swedish and Russian Kingdoms of the past.

Norman Foster 3Fifth Year Thesis Project Presented at the Foster + Partners Graduate Show To Lord Norman Foster

March 2019 – After 6 months of working at Foster + Partners Sean participated in the annual Foster + Partners graduate show. Here he presented his masters thesis to Lord Foster and the practice’s design board – after which the display was left open to view for the rest of the practice.

Relocation to London in a Part II Position at Foster + Partners – Riverside, London, UK

September 2019 – After accepting a position as a part II architectural assistant at Foster + Partners, Sean has moved away from Cardiff to London to start the next stages of his architectural journey.

Dunquin Pier, Dunquin
Post MArch trip around the Entire Coast of Ireland – Dunquin Pier, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

August 2018 – Sean’s latest journey takes him on  a trip around the circumference of the island of Ireland. This road trip visits the traditional tower houses in the southern counties; the majesty and extremes of the Wild Atlantic Way; the northern Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland and back down through the historically thriving industrial east coast cities of Belfast of Dublin.

Cardiff (361)
Graduation from the MArch Course at the Welsh School of Architecture

July 2018 – Sean celebrated his graduation from the Master of Architecture course at the Welsh School of Architecture alongside the end of year show. He now looks to complete his professional diploma within the next two years during his next professional experience as a part II architectural assistant.

Fifth Year Thesis Exploration Project

June 2018 – Sean’s most recent project; undertaken at the Welsh School of Architecture explores the potentials of local steel fabrication technology in rural towns in the UK. The thesis project looks to create new uses for this abundant material in the construction of our rural architectural environments. This project was displayed at the 2018 WSA graduate show in the Bute Building in Cardiff.

kiruna-kyrka.jpgThesis study trip following the carbon footprint of Steel in Northern Sweden – Kiruna Kyrka, Kiruna, Sweden

November 2017 – Following on from trips to Iceland earlier in the year, Sean’s studies lead him to another Scandinavian country and this time as far north as Kiruna, Sweden within the Arctic Circle. This trip ventured into the depths of the worlds largest underground Iron Ore mine which produces on average a massive 26million tonnes of iron ore annually. This is the start of the journey of one of the most environmentally unfriendly construction materials used in our buildings today.

Relocating to Cardiff to finish the MArch Course at the WSA in Cardiff – Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, UK

September 2017 – After traveling to the USA, Iceland and China in the summer Sean has begun the transition from a working life in Winchester back to the student lifestyle to finish his Masters course in Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff. We look forward to seeing the final thesis project at the end of the academic year!

Dissertation study trip to Detroit and Chicago – Skyline view from the John Hancock Center, Chicago Ill., USA

September 2017 – In aid of Sean’s research for his Master’s dissertation, Sean journeyed to the cities of Chicago and Detroit to document some of the ways that transportation technologies have informed the development of our cities, in positive and seemingly more often that not negative ways.

A view approaching the new Pop Grangetown Well-being center in Cardiff, Wales.

June 2017 – Sean’s latest design work and fourth year Master’s design project has been completed. The project provides well-being services to help the neighbouring community of Grangetown and accomodates communal pop-up health events for Grangetown citizens.

Embarking on a 100 day trip through the Indian Subcontinent – The Rudabai Baoli, Adalaj, Ahmedebad, Gujarat, India

April 2016 – Sean has embarked on a 100 day trip through Northern India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. The trip through India will take Sean on a journey of exploration and Discovery. Some of the trips Architectural highlights will be found in the step wells of ancient India, the contemporary marvels of the city state of Singapore and the ruins of an entire civilization in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Final Models (15)
Finished Undergraduate Course at the Liverpool School of Architecture

June 2014 – After 3 years of Study Sean has completed the first stage of the UKs architectural education process having passed with a first class degree. His final third year project looked at a modularized ‘kit of parts’ that creates a typology of intersecting places. This informed the design for a new residential building in the year of Liverpool’s downtown. Sean is now looking for work as a part I Architectural Assistant within the south of England.