Old Haymarket, Liverpool

University of Liverpool, Third Year, 2014

The roads and pathways were vital to drive the design from its abstraction into a functional space as a market. The speed of the sites surroundings created the paremetric relationship with the wider context. The passing traffic and movement, which is integral to the site, also manages to twist and turn this monolithic structure away from the opening of Queensway Tunnel into Liverpool city centre. The form rises to a rectangular peak through stepped levels, created by stacked orthogonal layers where it squares off to face some of Liverpool’s greatest architecture.


Long Section Through Domed Spaces


South Elevation


Cross Section Through Main Market Hall


East Elevation


Roof Plan

The twisted volume creates the need for the interior spaces to be domed. The repetition of these domed spaces divide up the market into its different areas. These areas make up the combination of exhibition and gallery space, as well as the space for the market stalls.


Liverpool Old Haymarket | Interior Render

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